Why sell your item to Braswell & Son?

Braswell & Son buys authentic, vintage and luxury items from people just like you. If you have a desirable item collecting dust in the closet, or if you’re simply ready to part with it and purchase something new, we may be willing to pay you cash for it. We offer great prices based on the quality, condition, style and demand for your item.

Selling your item to Braswell & Son is fast, easy and confidential. You’re always welcome to visit one of our locations in person. However, if you prefer, you may simply use the form to tell us about your item. We’ll always respond to your inquiry within 48 hours, no matter if we decide to make you an offer or not.



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Tell us as much about your item as possible. What accessories, if any, are included? Is there damage? Does your item include the original box, certificates of authenticity, etc.?

Send Us Pics

You may upload a total of 3 photos. It helps us if you take these photos using natural daylight:

  • Items appearance from front, back, inside, etc.
  • Close-up of any details that you believe set your item apart
  • Close-up of Logo stamp (Item's Brand)
  • Close-up of date stamp (For Handbags: Applies to Louis Vuitton, Hermès, but not all brands ...)
  • Close-up of item's 'Made in' tag (For example:"Made in Italy")
  • Close-up of serial number
  • Any defects, scratches, tears, or damage

*Please be aware, Braswell & Son does not purchase or officially appraise any items via internet or based upon information or photos obtained online. The purpose of this form is to provide a rough estimate of the potential value of your item. Should we be interested in purchasing your item, all customers must visit one of our locations in person, during which time we will conduct an official valuation and appraisal of your item and decide whether to extend an offer to purchase.