1800 N. Reynolds Road #4
Bryant, AR 72022
(501) 653-7333

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I pawn an item?
Suppose you need money to pay your car note or mortgage payment and you have some valuable jewelry that you rarely use. Bring that jewelry to Braswell & Son. Our trained and knowledgable staff will give you cash for the professionally appraised value of your jewelry. At this point, you will have 30 days to repay Braswell & Son for the cash advance.
Do I have to schedule an appointment to pawn an item?
You are welcome to visit any of our locations without an appointment to secure a cash advance. However, we offer clients the benefit of scheduling an appointment with one of our expert appraisers before they visit. The choice is yours. In any case, we are ready to serve you at your convenience.
Are there any requirements for obtaining a cash advance?
To secure a cash advance, Braswell & Son requires clients to provide a government issued ID, state issued ID, state issued driver’s license, military ID, or passport. We encourage our clients - though it is by no means required - to bring any supplemental documentation relating to the provenance, authenticity or certification of items of value.
How does Braswell & Son ensure my security and confidentiality?
We believe that pawning should be a private process. Each of our locations feature private rooms where you can confidentially meet with our professionals. Your belongings deserve privacy as well. That's why we use tamper-resistant storage bags and time-lock safes. Rest assured, your possessions will be returned in the exact condition they were left in.
What items does Braswell accept?
In addition to jewelry, we accept many high-value items for a cash advance. Examples include high-end & luxury watches, luxury hand bags, gold & other precious metals, vintage & estate jewelry, jewels and precious stones, rare & collectible coins, designer goods and electronics.
Does Braswell & Son provide quotes over the phone?
Generally, we do not provide quotes for cash advances or purchases via phone, email or social media. Each item differs in quality, condition and attribute, and, in order to provide the most accurate appraisal possible, we must see the item in person.
What if I can’t make my payment for a pawn advance?
We believe that it is in the client’s best interest to redeem their valuables. If you are unable to pay back your cash advance by the due date, we offer the option to renew the cash advance by paying the interest that has accrued, and a new cash advance is written. The amount remains the same, as does the interest rate, but the due date is reset. A cash advance will never affect a client’s credit, even if you choose not to repay the cash advance. In such case, your item is kept secured for a grace period and becomes property of the pawnbroker thereafter. This process has no impact on consumers’ credit in any way.  

Come see us!

We’re excited to announce our new Bryant location! We’re located in the Family Dollar shopping plaza. As always, we have a great selection of estate jewelry and designer handbags. We buy, sell, and pawn. Now offering FREE LAYAWAY.

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