Goyard: Luxury Fashion’s Best Known Secret

Meet Goyard, the oldest leather goods and trunk maker in the world, and creator of perhaps fashion’s most mysterious and successful luxury brands. If you met Goyard at a party, they would be the quiet, precisely styled introvert radiating sophistication and confidence—the person everyone is eager to know, yet not sure how to easily approach.

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Historically favored by Napoleon the III and Coco Chanel, today Goyard has become comfortable in the company of rappers Kanye West and Lil Uzi Vert. The French brand has become a quiet conquest for prestige collectors and remains an insider must have in spite of its reclusive self.

Imagine a centuries-old company completely disregarding the evolution of e-commerce and the $600 billion spent annually by consumers, refusing to sell their products online with only a handful of retail locations scattered across the globe. No e-commerce. No online product catalog. No marketing. No press. No new product launches. Sounds like a recipe for commercial extinction, right? Wrong.

Goyard’s anti-climb to popularity has been nothing short of astounding. It seems they have found a niche in remaining true to their privately owned, artisanal roots choosing to discretely cater to loyal clientele providing heirloom-quality, custom crafted products. A perfect blend of structure, utility, and beauty, Goyard offers a tightly curated collection that includes; travel goods; men’s and women’s handbags and accessories; pet accessories; and custom orders. Known for the hypnotic signature “Goyardine” coated fabric featuring an interlocking Y motif, the brand remains relevant while telling of a time when travel promised the kiss of adventure. Even modern company services are vintage-inspired with one-of-a-kind product monogramming or images being hand-painted by French-trained artists.

The products quietly speak for themselves allowing the rare blend of limited supply, allure, and exclusivity to drive consumer desire while avoiding brand fatigue. Surprisingly, Goyard prices reflect quality and brand prestige, yet come in lower than their Louis Vuitton counterparts. Considered investment pieces, resell values remain consistently close to equal that of retail cost.

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