Selling your Designer Handbag: Expert Advice

Spring is here, and now’s the time to shake off that wrapped up winter style! You found inspiration in a Gucci tote, the sublime color of robin’s egg teal, with vintage-inspired bamboo handles that will surely breathe fresh life into your spring wardrobe. But, how to raise the cash before the season gets away? Transforming old classics from your collection into new obsessions can be easy if you know how and where to sell.

Sell Your Bag To Braswell Now

Appeal to your Buyer
When selling a special item such as a designer handbag online or to a boutique reseller, play to a discerning audience. Be sure to post high-quality photos in natural lighting that showcase the bag’s exquisite quality, details, and brand identifiers. Be honest in your description about wear or damage, yet don’t be afraid to brag a little about your piece using language that evokes emotion for the buyer. For example, talk up how much you love the rich color, supple leather, and fine stitching of your Chanel. Chances are followers of the brand will have a similar appreciation.

Online Sellers Beware
eBay may have the lowest listing fees but often requires the most work and assumed risk. A Louis Vuitton listing on eBay won’t likely fetch top dollar because of market saturation and the possibility of an overwhelming number of fake goods. Avoid scammers taking advantage of the generous return policies offered online: those buyers essentially “renting” authentic designer bags for the short-term and returning them after a month or two of use, or those returning an identical, counterfeit bag.

Leave it to the Experts
The idea of selling your pre-loved handbag online may seem exciting, but it isn’t always as easy as posting a few quick product shots and a description to eBay. Correct resale pricing, authentication, seasonal timing and whether or not the style of the bag is hot right now all affect success. As a reputable reseller of vintage luxury handbags, Braswell and Son provides in-store authentication and guarantees an honest and safe sales experience. For instant cash or to trade up on a deeply discounted designer bag, leave it to Braswell and Son.