Leather Care: How to Protect your Luxury Handbag

With classic lines and sumptuous, embossed Monogram leather in taupe glace—a warm and subtle neutral blend of oyster and fawn, the Louis Vuitton Artsy MM Empreinte leather shoulder bag has become your latest obsession. You found it for a steal at Braswell and Son, and finally it’s all yours! Now, the business of protecting your investment begins. Keep your bag in like-new condition following these essential guidelines:

How you treat your bag when not in use is critical to preservation. Store upright inside a non-plastic dust cover away from heat, moisture and light to keep your bag looking fresh. To maintain proper shape, stuff the interior with a bag shaper, (non-newsprint) acid-free paper, or fabric. Remember to fold handles over each other or remove long straps for long-term storage. Repurpose silicone gel packs to draw out excess humidity.

Be consistent with regular cleaning by removing surface dirt with an appropriate cleaner and method. Wipe the interior with a soft cloth and regularly polish hardware, precious metal details, and brand identifiers. Keep the condition of the lining neat by storing pens and cosmetics inside a separate bag. For difficult stains such as ink, oil or food consult a professional or brand expert.

Know and Protect your Leather
Knowing best practices for cleaning and protecting specific types of leather is essential for maintaining the life of your bag. Beeswax cream and spray gel protectants provide a protective barrier and rich luster. However, what’s appropriate for premium, full-grain leather is not suitable for suede, patent or exotic skins. For instance, full-grain leather requires buffing with a clean, cotton cloth and protectant, whereas suede likes regular brushing to remove dirt and freshen up surface nap. As a general rule, take care to encourage natural aging while protecting your bag against unnecessary exposure and damage from inclement weather and harsh chemicals.

Whether a special occasion handbag, a well-traveled carry on, or detail-oriented wallet, it is important to protect your luxury investment. Have questions or looking to find your luxury vintage dream bag? Visit Braswell and Son—we’re here to help!