The Keys To Style: Louis Vuitton Key Chains & Pouches

Of all the accessories you might invest in, key chains and pouches are often the most overlooked. However, they can put the finishing touches on any outfit while providing remarkable functionality. Pouches may seem unnecessary in our mostly cashless society, but think of how useful they might be to store the loose change you do have. The next time you’re traveling through Europe, where coins are much more in use, imagine the ease and style of having your 2 Euro coins stashed securely in a stylish, leather pouch from Louis Vuitton.

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Here are three Louis Vuitton key chain/pouches from the Braswell collection that will propel you into a whole new echelon of style:

Louis Vuitton Porte Maison Key-Chain (101)

This authentic Louis Vuitton Porte Cles Maison Key Chain is a great gift for a guy. It features a very simple design to make your keys easy to find. Also, you can clip it onto your Louis Vuitton bag to accessorize. Whether he knows he wants it already, or doesn’t realize it just yet, we  guarantee he’ll love it in the end.







Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Key Cleis Pouch

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Key/Coin Mini Pouch is crafted from his iconic monogram toile coated canvas. The pouch has a brass chain with a D-ring and a sturdy top zipper and an interior of terra-cotta cross-grain leather to hold keys, change, or small accessories to help you stay organized from Louis Vuitton!







Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Zip Around Multicles 6 Key Holder

This Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Zip Around Multicles 6 Key Holder will be your new favorite accessory. It is perfect for slipping into your handbag or pocket for holding six keys in a secure zip around closure.