Pawn Advances for Life’s Challenges and Celebrations

pawn advacnce from Braswell and Son

Who, exactly, is your typical pawn advance customer? Friends, family, neighbors—many hard working, good people fall on tough financial times because of a poor business decision, the loss of a job, a health crisis, or a significant life change like divorce. Unexpected financial hardship should not be viewed as a reflection of a person’s character or earning potential. Heck, even Abraham Lincoln, whose face adorns U.S. currency was once penniless after the untimely death of a business partner with whom he owned a general store. If it happened to “honest Abe,” it can happen to anyone.

An estimated 50 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and over 70 million people either choose to forego a traditional bank account or have limited access to retail banks. For those living off the financial grid, pawnbrokers are a safe and regulated economic resource. And let’s be honest, almost everyone finds themselves facing unexpected financial situations at one time or another. By offering small amount, short-term loans, neighborhood pawn shops provide invaluable options that conventional lending institutions simply do not.

Most people don’t realize that a 30-day, $150 pawn loan is less expensive than fees resulting from an overdrawn bank account, a late credit card payment or the cost to reconnect a utility service. Pawn advances don’t require proof of employment, and never affect credit scores. And because you’re borrowing against your own items as collateral, you’re not spending future income.

Pawn advances aren’t only for desperate situations, but can also bring joy and value to life by facilitating a well-deserved gift or fortuitous investment opportunity. Imagine having the chance to surprise your father, an avid comic book collector, with a 1974 vintage The Incredible Hulk comic book (#180) for his 50th birthday! It’s a sweet deal, but you’re short on cash. With a pawn loan, you’ll have the cash you need in a matter of minutes!

The good people of Little Rock have been turning to Braswell & Son Pawnbrokers to help navigate the challenges and celebrations of life for over 100 years. Read about how life got better Because Of Braswell!