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Personal Expression: Looking Beyond the Traditional Engagement Diamond

Big, sparkly diamonds have been the traditional choice for engagement rings for over a century. It may come as a surprise to know that diamonds weren’t always considered the forever stone. In the 1900s diamonds were simply one of many choices among gemstones. Diamonds were a popular choice for engagement settings, however, tourmaline, pearl, emerald […]

Louis Vuitton Crossbody Bags Freshly Picked for Spring

Spring is here, and just in time! Time to get out there and bask in the glow of a brand new season. Plan an outing while the temperature is still comfortable; book a garden tour and take in the rich smell of cherry blossoms, or indulge in a daylong treasure hunt for vintage luxury finds. […]

Shopping for Engagement Rings: Insider Tips

There is something insanely romantic about the idea of a man pouring over options with his lady in mind, and choosing a ring that will represent their lifelong love affair. However, let’s not overlook the daunting task that lies before him. His choice should be an elegant balance of quality, design, size and price. He […]