Monthly Archives: February 2017

Tips For Buying Jewelry for Investment: Vintage Luxury is as Good as Gold

The flow of wealth can be traced by following the lavish path of jewels through history. Today, jewelry remains a secure investment if you know how and where to buy. Premium jewelry retailers tag new pieces with a hefty 100 percent mark up. In comparison, established resellers of fine jewelry offer a modest mark up […]

Shopping for Louis Vuitton: Where to Find a Real Deal

From the humble beginnings of an artisan trunk maker sprang perhaps the world’s most recognized and coveted of all luxury brands: Louis Vuitton. The perfect marriage of elegance and performance began when the renowned fashion house opened its doors in 1854, and ever since women and men from around the world have held the brand […]

Shopping for Luxury Vintage: First Time’s a Charm!

If you think the dream of owning a designer handbag is out of reach, think again. Handbags and accessories from designers such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci retain a high investment value, and savvy women know how to purchase pre-owned, nearly new pieces at exceptional prices—by buying luxury vintage. As a newcomer to the […]