Monthly Archives: January 2017

Natural and Lab Made Colored Diamonds: A Kaleidoscope of Choice

As a gift to the Queen, a promise to a lover, or the star of a luxury vintage treasure, the diamond is truly nature’s crown jewel. For years, people coveted what the stone lacked—brilliant and varying color. Now, collectors of fine gems are falling in love with colored diamonds—both natural and laboratory grown—as an expression […]

Luxury Vintage Designer Accessories: A New Kind of Collateral

Savvy investors know it takes money to make money. As investments, premium luxury accessories like designer handbags and fine watches hold their value and offer the greatest return. With a global premium accessory market valued at $48 billion, luxury vintage accessories are among the fastest growing asset classes. A luxury vintage piece is a highly […]

Counterfeit Luxury Vintage: Fantastic Fake or Fabulous Find?

When in the hunt for luxury vintage designer accessories, you can easily get swept away by the excitement of finding a rare piece in pristine condition at a fraction of the cost of an original. Purchasing pre-owned luxury vintage could be risky business, as the investment is only as solid as the authenticity of the […]