Monthly Archives: October 2016

A Man’s Watch: More Telling than Time

A man’s wristwatch has long been celebrated for its blend of design, technology and innovation, but what does a man’s watch reveal about the subtleties of his personality? The watch is a telling foundation piece, and might hint at his status, lifestyle and character. For instance, a man may choose a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39, […]

Louis Vuitton Leather Collection: A Guide to Quality and Style

What exactly makes a Louis Vuitton bag shine? The more than a dozen exceptional leathers, and the person carrying the bag, of course! Classic Louis Vuitton For classic Louis Vuitton collectors, Empreinte Monogram leather continues to be a popular choice. With gently embossed calfskin that is both supple and durable, Empreinte is carefully processed to […]

Luxury Vintage Designer Accessories: A New Story in Style

The best return on investment in high-end fashion comes from accessories—most notably from well-established, luxury brands such as Chanel, Rolex and Cartier. Vintage accessories or fine jewelry may have originally been bought as a lasting showpiece, or handed down as a family heirloom. Quality vintage pieces are timeless, and were likely lovingly cared for by […]