Trick or Treat Deals at Braswell & Son

At Braswell and Son there is no “trick”. We only have awesome “treats” this month. If you’re in the market for some new jewelry or maybe a TV among other electronics, now’s the perfect opportunity to score a great deal on these items.


Our electronics specials for our Trick or Treat event are:

  • 37 Ince LG Flat Panel TV starting at $149.99
  • XBox 360 starting at $99.99
  • All PS3s at $99.99
  • Wii: $49.99
  • PS4: $299.99

We also have great jewelry specials this month. They include:

  • Earrings starting at $299.99 3/8 ct TW
  • Engagement Rings/Bridal starting at $150.00
  • Gentlemen’s Fashion Rings starting at $299.99
  • Diamond Bracelets starting at $299.99

We have a wide array of electronics and styles of jewelry pieces. Visit one of our 3 locations. You won’t want to miss out on this month’s “treat”.