Engagement Ring Inspiration Worthy of Love Itself

Few things inspire hope and positivity as love does. Love influences our behavior and moves us to be better people for others and ourselves. No wonder an engagement with its details creates such a fuss—especially with the ring. The connection between two people is singularly unique and deserves a ring equally expressive. Here are three inspirational engagement ring trends worthy of a second look:

If she’s ethically minded or non-traditional, a colored stone or lower-profile stone may be just right.

Gemstone Alternatives
Diamonds have a tremendous following, but the earth is rich with exquisite stones. Colorful gemstones as an alternative to diamonds continue to gain popularity as more brides value self-expression and ethical sourcing. Most gemstones come in a countless range of colors and cost far less than a diamond of the same size and grade. Some women are choosing stones for their subtle energetic properties. For instance, a peach blush morganite stone is thought to attune to the heart chakra, encourage lightness within the spirit and symbolize deepening love.

The notion of the diamond being the quintessential engagement stone resulted from a well-crafted, exceptionally effective, multi-decade marketing campaign that positioned the gem as the one and only choice.

Stacks on Stacks
Mix it up with stacking bands—the ultimate way to showcase your own intimate love story. Completely customizable, each band fits together to give the illusion of a larger ring. Add a band for your engagement, marriage, milestone anniversary or the birth of a child. Choose a style where interlocking bands are part of a base design or take an edgier route, mixing platinum and rose gold with pavé diamonds and birthstones to create the ultimate statement in personal style.

Mixed Metal Details

Intricately patterned settings are perfect for showcasing a traditional and alternative looks.

Sometimes the smallest details make all the difference! Customizing a white round diamond set in a white gold setting with a rose gold halo creates a contemporary update to a classic look while giving the illusion of a larger center stone. Similarly, a brilliant citrine or yellow diamond set in platinum with elegant yellow gold prongs is a sublime presentation all its own.

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Vintage Engagement and Wedding Rings: Tradition at its Finest

The first time you laid eyes on the Georgian beauty, you knew. The rich Bordeaux and ivy bouquet of gemstones—garnets, emeralds and seed pearls surrounding a rose cut diamond, all wrapped in an ornate, warm gold setting—you had just met your dream engagement ring.

Rings from the Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Art Deco periods are tradition at its finest, however, choosing an antique design may be a bit of a non-traditional move. While the most popular engagement ring remains the round white diamond solitaire, antique rings are a true celebration of style and craftsmanship for those women who want to express their individuality or admire a certain period in design.

Intricately patterned settings are perfect for showcasing traditional and alternative looks.

Consider yourself lucky to find a piece from Georgian period (1714-1830’s). Showcasing ornate and playful femininity, the intricate Grecian-inspired metalwork designs are valued for their beauty and rarity.

Victorian era (1837-1901) jewelry follows the influential and emotional path of Queen Victoria’s life. Bold by design, Victorian period pieces feature brightly colored stones, Celtic detailing and the introduction of larger diamonds following the opening of South African diamond mines.

Most popular for those in the market for an antique engagement ring style are pieces from the enchanting Art Nouveau era (1890-1915). An expression of creativity and nature, Art Nouveau era rings are recognized for flowing, abstract lines, and the use of brilliantly colored enamel and gemstones.

Edwardian Engagment Ring
Large, luminous colored gemstones, and delicate, lace-inspired metalwork make Edwardian era pieces an intoxicating choice.

Famous for intricate filigree, antique rings from the Edwardian period (1901-1910) are straight out of a fairytale. Large, luminous colored gemstones, and delicate, lace-inspired metalwork make Edwardian era pieces an intoxicating choice.

Eclectic and daring, rings of the Art Deco period (1915-1930) are some of the most sought after pieces among vintage engagement jewelry. Influenced by world travel and emerging social freedom, Art Deco era pieces are celebrated for their geometric design and bold, exotic patterns.

Art Deco Ring
A daring choice, Art Deco era pieces are celebrated for their geometric design and bold, exotic patterns.

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