Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings—Classic for a Reason

A round, brilliant cut white diamond nestled into the center of a Tiffany setting is the one and only choice for couples in love with tradition. It’s no surprise that the classic stone has remained popular for generations. A diamond solitaire is the ultimate showpiece in an engagement ring, just as the bride is the crown jewel of her own wedding.

Just one of the magnificent diamond solitaire rings available at Braswell & Son.

sThe 58 facets of a round diamond are engineered to optimize light refraction like no other cut, and the open prong framework of a Tiffany setting allows for ultimate light penetration, magnifying fire and brilliance. Stones that rank lower in clarity and color will still manage to impress with a round brilliant cut.

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Diamond solitaires are simple and classic, demand attention, and will never go out of style. They shine equally as bright on an understated band as they do on a band featuring smaller stones or antique embellishments. A diamond solitaire is attractive set in white gold or platinum to accentuate its brilliance, or in yellow or rose gold for an extra pop of contrasting color. Though round is by far most popular cut, oval, square, emerald and princess cuts are equally fine choices. For those pushing the boundaries of tradition, consider a rustic band inspired by nature, or a modern channel setting. To maximize a budget, look to an old mine cut diamond solitaire embedded within a fluted platinum illusion setting.

For generations, Braswell and Son have provided our customers with the very best in affordable luxury. We take pride in knowing that the relationships we build with our clientele are as valuable as the premium pieces we offer. Our graduate gemologist and GIA trained staff guarantees accurate examination, grading and valuation. We deal in new, pre-owned and luxury vintage diamond solitaires and are continually amazed by the variety of stunning and unique pieces that come into our store each and every day. If you are looking for something specific, by all means let us know! We place our expertise at each client’s disposal and would love to help you discover your perfect solitaire style and setting.

Shopping for Engagement Rings: Insider Tips

There is something insanely romantic about the idea of a man pouring over options with his lady in mind, and choosing a ring that will represent their lifelong love affair. However, let’s not overlook the daunting task that lies before him. His choice should be an elegant balance of quality, design, size and price. He knows the basics, but should keep the following in mind:

If she’s ethically minded or non-traditional, a colored stone or lower-profile stone may be just right.

It’s All About Her

Taking cues from her taste in art, fashion and décor, he must shop for her personality and sense of style. If she is non-traditional, she may favor a modern setting with a yellow, blue, or black sapphire over a diamond. Likewise, if she is ethically minded, a lab created diamond, or a lower profile stone-less ring might be an excellent fit.

Buy Smart

To ensure the once in a lifetime purchase is a wise investment that she will love, shop at a reputable, and GIA affiliated seller of new or pre-owned jewelry. Stones above 1-carat should have a written grading report detailing any stone characteristics, enhancements or custom work that affects value, and come with an exchange policy.

Consider incorporating an heirloom stone into a new setting as a way to combine the old with the new.

Get Creative

Custom doesn’t always mean expensive. Don’t be afraid to request the stone from one ring be combined with a setting from another. Or, think about incorporating a stone that belonged to her grandmother into a contemporary setting as a beautiful way to carry family tradition forward. She will be taken with the thought and intention behind the one of a kind creation.


Opting for an Asscher cut, brilliant oval, or pear shaped like the one pictured here can result in savings at the register.

Work the Budget

To capitalize on budget, consider a stone just shy of a most popular size. For instance, choosing a 1.8-carat stone over a 2-carat stone can save up to 20 percent. Of the ten fancy cut diamond shapes, round diamonds are by far the most popular and most expensive. Going for a brilliant oval or Asscher cut instead can result in significant savings and afford the buyer a larger stone.

Trust in Braswell and Son’s extensive showcase of new and hand-selected vintage luxury engagement rings, expert guidance and generous return policy for the ideal ring.

Now, time for the proposal…