Chanel Handbags: Back to School Inspiration

French designer Coco Chanel, fashion designer, businesswoman and student of life created a signature style empire that embodied practicality, freedom and elegance. Chanel applied her unique design philosophy to her clothing, jewelry, fragrance and renowned handbag collections, making them a coveted favorite among women of all ages. Durable yet versatile, luxe yet relevant, Chanel handbags adapt easily to both university and professional life. Without question, Chanel gets an A+ in our book!

Not only are Chanel bags a hot item; they are investment quality pieces that hold their value for years to come. For young women there is no better time to invest in functional foundation pieces, and Braswell and Son makes it affordable for those on an academic budget.

As a premium reseller of vintage luxury, pre-loved designer handbags, Braswell and Son offers new and like-new Chanel pieces at a fraction of retail. With 10 percent down and affordable monthly payments, you can have that lambskin Overnighter Weekender Shoulder bag in time for holiday break. With a spacious interior and woven leather chain straps, it has enough room for small electronics and makes an ideal carry-on travel bag.

Another intelligent choice for the savvy coed is the classic Medallion Tote bag. With supple, pebbled calfskin leather, signature gold-tone hardware and medallion charm, generous interior and secure zip closure, the Medallion Tote delivers sophisticated durability. A study in hardworking opulence, the classic tote adapts easily to everyday style and shows the world you’re much more than the average up-and-comer.

For special events and first dates, the Chanel Mini Double Flap is a true statement of feminine independence. The Mini Double Flap tops its class in function and flair, with room enough for essentials and style for days. Made of butter-soft lambskin in a variety of colors with silver hardware detail, the Mini Double Flap is the perfect punctuation to any look.
A woman’s handbag is both a modern day survival kit and a mark of intellectual influence. A Chanel bag is a fundamental accessory for collegiate life and beyond. Shop smart—shop Braswell and Son for back to school vintage luxury deals.

Chanel Handbags: Seamless Style, Summer to Fall

A true renaissance woman of fashion, Coco Chanel redefined the feminine standard of style by influencing design in clothing, jewelry, fragrance, and more notably, handbags. Inspired by 1920’s soldier bags, Chanel liberated women from the traditional hand-carried bag to a practical yet refined hands-free, shoulder design.

As a brand, Chanel continues to gain admirers. Their luxury handbags are some of the finest and best selling among Braswell and Son’s select inventory. Here are three versatile styles that go seamlessly from an elegant summertime dinner date to an easygoing fall weekend away.

Chanel Mini Double Flap
Small yet expressive, it’s hard to keep your eyes off of Chanel’s Mini Double Flap handbag. Available in buttery lambskin, rich caviar or slick patent leather, featuring silver hardware and the classic woven leather chain strap, the Mini Double Flap is big enough to hold essentials and is sure to invite conversation. Offered in an array of colorful and neutral hues, the Mini is a perfect complement to any ensemble, no matter the season.

Chanel Medallion Tote Bag
Perhaps the most versatile bag of its kind, the Chanel Medallion Tote is smart, sophisticated and graciously suited to everyday style. Constructed of supple quilted caviar leather with comfortable rolled handles and secure zipper closure, the Medallion Tote is distinguished by the celebrated CC front panel, gold-tone hardware and medallion charm. The roomy interior and practical lines make this bag a favorite among businesswomen and fashionistas alike.

Chanel Overnighter Weekender Shoulder Bag
The handsome and versatile Chanel Overnighter Weekender Shoulder Bag is where fashion meets function. A multi-use tote featuring woven leather hands-free chain straps and large CC turn lock closure, the Weekender Bag is superbly suited for shopping as well as spending a relaxing day downtown with friends or tucking into a café with a good book. The sleek silhouette, elegant flat quilting and generous interior easily accommodate small electronics and basic overnight necessities.

As sure as summer turns to fall, classic Chanel will see you through the seasons in style. Find your Chanel at Braswell and Son—premium reseller of authentic, vintage luxury Chanel.


Designer Handbags: Hidden Cash in Your Closet

Braswell & Son buys designer handbags

She is a reminder of your first, intoxicating trip to Paris. Ah, the soldiered London Plane trees standing at attention against a pale silver and blush sky along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées… It was your “all yellow” phase, when your Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 handbag in Tassil yellow was a sublime mix of sunshine and Audrey Hepburn. But now, to you she seems less sunshine and more Minion—so she sits alone, on the top shelf of the closet, hiding safely in her dust bag…

So, what’s a wise and resourceful woman to do?

How about selling your pre-owned designer handbag to Braswell and Son, because we’re buying! Vintage luxury handbags remain some of the most sought after merchandise on the market. Sell your bag for cash, or trade up to something that better fits your current fashion sensibility and lifestyle.

Not all pawnbrokers are created equal. Braswell and Son is a boutique broker with a passion for high-end accessories. As a preferred dealer in pre-owned and vintage luxury brands, we represent Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermès and Prada, just to name a few. Our professional staff is carefully trained to identify pieces as authentic, as well as provide accurate appraisals so clients can be confident they are receiving fair value for their items.

Ready to sell?

To get the most out of your pre-loved designer bag, you will need to properly prepare it. Remove all of your items and gently clean both inside and outside surfaces, taking care to follow recommendations appropriate for the material. Note that some leathers will naturally develop a “patina” from contact with the skin, adding character and acting as a unique identifier of a genuine piece. Providing receipts, original packaging, dust bags or certificates of authenticity will help you secure the best offer for your bag.

Dealing in vintage luxury designer handbags has been a cornerstone of Braswell and Son’s retail and cash advance business since 1979. We offer professional, discerning service, and guarantee you’ll get the best return on your high-fashion investment. Don’t sell yourself short—maybe you have hidden cash hiding in your closet!


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Louis Vuitton Crossbody Bags Freshly Picked for Spring

Crossbody Bag Season
It’s spring … get out and play, but leave your big bag at home! The perfect crossbody bag is waiting for you at Braswell and Son.

Spring is here, and just in time! Time to get out there and bask in the glow of a brand new season. Plan an outing while the temperature is still comfortable; book a garden tour and take in the rich smell of cherry blossoms, or indulge in a daylong treasure hunt for vintage luxury finds.

For the fashionista, spring also marks the start of crossbody bag season. As the name suggests, the crossbody has a longer, adjustable strap that is worn diagonally across and close to the body allowing for hands-free mobility. A smaller alternative to a larger tote, the bag offers the added advantage of extra security and can be moved to the front of the body when seated—a perfect union of style, function and comfort.

The crossbody’s humble beginnings can be traced back to bags used by early messengers and the Pony Express. Today, premium designers are evolving the classic messenger by blending utility with beauty. The bags borrow details from vintage luggage and military design, and are made with a mobile society in mind.

One example, the messenger-inspired Louis Vuitton Monogram Musette, is luxury with benefits. Large enough to fit a laptop and easy to carry, the bag features a generous main pocket, a smaller phone pocket, and has enough room to stow a few essentials in case a day trip turns into an overnight stay. Discontinued and somewhat rare, the Musette remains a widely sought after collectible piece.

Another beautiful choice is the convertible Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière 25. Originally designed for travellers in the 1930s, the bag’s classic lines are reminiscent of another time. The bag is thoughtfully appointed with a zipper closure, rolled leather handles and a secure lock and key. The Speedy 25 is definitely easy on the eyes, but what makes the bag extra special is its versatility. It can be worn across the body, on the shoulder or even carried, depending on the occasion.

It’s spring … get out and play, but leave your big bag at home! The perfect crossbody bag is waiting for you at Braswell and Son.

Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and Kate Spade: Three Fresh Handbag Picks for Spring

The ritual of women changing handbags at the start of a new season is as certain as the coming of spring. The opportunity to empty and inspect the contents of your current bag—the staples and leftover bits and pieces that represent the last 6 months of a life. It’s an excellent time to evaluate what works, and what can be left behind.

Spring is the ideal time to trade in an outdated handbag, or shop for a new to you designer piece. A simple change in handbag can inspire a fresh beginning and a brand new attitude.

Braswell and Son’s growing inventory is bursting with authentic, vintage luxury handbags and accessories. Take a look at three of our favorites:

1. Utility Reimagined
The canvas Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag in white azur is legendary for being a workhorse as well as a style icon. It’s spacious without being cumbersome, and ideal for a day out or an overnight stay. The smooth leather straps fit easily over the shoulder or arm, making it a versatile and comfortable choice. The adjustable side laces transform it from practical tote to swank city bag, and the light as air color serves as the perfect backdrop for the changing season.


2. Everyday Glamour
The Michael Kors Jet Set chain tote is sure to be the star of any ensemble. A bold contrast to the crisp whites of spring, the glossy, bluest of green finish promises more glamour than conservative winter styles, and the sophisticated gold chain strap delivers a bright pop of contrast. Roomy and elegant, but not overwhelming, the Jet Set is a favorite must have.






3. Fun Factor
It’s all fun and games with the delicate Kate Spade PXRU 5013 clutch. The clean design and unusual plastic material is sure to be evening conversation starter. The bold, scalloped flap is reminiscent of a new flower—truly, a classic clutch with a modern twist on flirty vintage detail.

Check out our must have’s and other premium inventory. Shop Braswell and Son for the very best in vintage luxury styles for spring!

Shopping for Louis Vuitton: Where to Find a Real Deal

Authentic Louis Vuitton Handbags
A successful shopping experience begins and ends with Braswell and Son, your trusted source for vintage luxury Louis Vuitton.

From the humble beginnings of an artisan trunk maker sprang perhaps the world’s most recognized and coveted of all luxury brands: Louis Vuitton. The perfect marriage of elegance and performance began when the renowned fashion house opened its doors in 1854, and ever since women and men from around the world have held the brand in the highest regard for its classic style and exceptional craftsmanship.

Louis Vuitton remains a strong investment purchase, especially if you can find a real deal. If you happen to find yourself near Avenue Montaigne in Paris, or New Bond Street in London, you may be able to take advantage of premium pricing afforded by foreign currency rates against the dollar, and special tax refunds offered to travelers. However, if you don’t happen to be in the neighborhood, where can you snatch up a genuine LV for significant savings? A successful shopping experience begins and ends with Braswell and Son, your trusted source for vintage luxury Louis Vuitton.

Braswell and Son’s three Central Arkansas locations and online showroom offer an inventory rich with popular and rare styles at marked savings. As an established broker specializing in vintage luxury handbags and jewelry, Braswell and Son makes it their business to curate premium brands for a discriminating clientele at prices up to 50 percent off of the original purchase price. The professional staff takes the guesswork out of identifying imposters by carefully establishing each piece as authentic with a precise vetting process.

In the vintage luxury business, pre-owned Louis Vuitton usually means pre-loved. Many of the designer pieces were originally purchased by collectors or as investments; therefore, treated with extreme care and remain in excellent, like new condition.

Assuring first-rate service, iconic styles and prices that exceed expectations, consider Braswell and Son a valued partner in shopping for that pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbag that you just can’t get out of your mind. With a reputation built on offering deep savings on vintage luxury brands and retaining trusted client relationships, look no further than Braswell and Son for your next Louis Vuitton purchase!

Shopping for Luxury Vintage: First Time’s a Charm!

If you think the dream of owning a designer handbag is out of reach, think again. Handbags and accessories from designers such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci retain a high investment value, and savvy women know how to purchase pre-owned, nearly new pieces at exceptional prices—by buying luxury vintage.

As a newcomer to the process, it isn’t just about what to buy, but where to buy. With a market flush with convincing “superfake” pieces, shopping for luxury vintage items can be a real mixed bag. Braswell and Son’s specially trained staff personally verifies each handbag with an exacting six-step process to guarantee authenticity. The shop makes purchasing an exceptional investment piece affordable by offering layaway with 20 percent down at time of purchase, three monthly payments, and no additional fees. If you decide your bag no longer fits your current fashion, or want to upgrade to a different style or designer, Braswell and Son grants a cash back guarantee where they will buy the bag back at 60 percent of the purchase price after six months, in the same condition.

Whether you’re a collector, or a woman looking for a bag that works as hard as you do, Braswell and Son’s knowledgeable staff of caring professionals strive to match each client to the perfect luxury vintage bag.

In this video, watch radio personality, Ashley King, visit Braswell and Son for the first time. Take note of how sales associate, Brent, makes her feel welcome and helps her identify the best bag to fit her personal style, lifestyle and budget. With a showroom and online inventory well appointed with classic styles and distinct finishes, Braswell and Son is THE PLACE to buy premium and authentic, luxury vintage bags.

Who knew owning luxury vintage could be this easy?


Counterfeit Luxury Vintage: Fantastic Fake or Fabulous Find?

Clues to identifying watches as authentic.

When in the hunt for luxury vintage designer accessories, you can easily get swept away by the excitement of finding a rare piece in pristine condition at a fraction of the cost of an original. Purchasing pre-owned luxury vintage could be risky business, as the investment is only as solid as the authenticity of the item itself. The market is rife with imposters, convincing “superfake” pieces that challenge experts with the addition of cannibalized authentic hardware and counterfeit documents of authenticity. When shopping for luxury vintage, the best advice is to buy from a trusted seller that offers true authentication and a guarantee.

Highly sought after pre-owned foundation pieces, such as designer handbags and watches remain excellent investments. However, buyers should use caution when shopping for prestigious brands, and realize that buying counterfeit means taking from artisan businesses and global revenue, as well as supporting the fashion industry’s black market that often includes child labor and other illegal or unethical practices.

Clues to identify watches as authentic:

  • Brand identifiers, correct spelling, and placement of logo and other design hallmarks
  • Engravings should be sharp and distinct
  • Proper functioning of sub dials
  • Weight, most reproductions weigh significantly less
  • Smooth, sweeping movement of the second hand
  • Freely moving links on metal bands
  • Sound, quality brands are quiet, or silent
Tips on verifying authentic luxury handbags.

Considerations to identify handbags as original:

  • Brand identifiers, correct stamped marks in hardware, and number of digits in authenticity codes, indicating decade of issue or country of origin
  • Details, repeating patterns on flaps or pockets line up perfectly with consistent, even stitching
  • Stitch count, high stitch count helps maintain shape
  • Patina, honeyed look on handles created from oils from the hands
  • Linings, should lay flat and cannot be easily separated from inside of bag
  • Premium materials, quality leather and impeccable finish

Vetting a luxury vintage piece as genuine is a complex and thorough process. Braswell and Son’s sales associates are specially trained to examine and identify ALL features. Invest in authentic—trust in Braswell and Son for rare and original luxury vintage finds.

Louis Vuitton Leather Collection: A Guide to Quality and Style

Louis Vuitton Leather Collection: A Guide to Quality and Style
What exactly makes a Louis Vuitton bag shine? The more than a dozen exceptional leathers, and the person carrying the bag, of course!

What exactly makes a Louis Vuitton bag shine? The more than a dozen exceptional leathers, and the person carrying the bag, of course!

Classic Louis Vuitton
For classic Louis Vuitton collectors, Empreinte Monogram leather continues to be a popular choice. With gently embossed calfskin that is both supple and durable, Empreinte is carefully processed to draw up the natural grain of the skin.

Louis Vuitton Classic Epi leather is famous for its exclusive horizontally textured design, and resistance to moisture and wear, making it a handsome and resilient material for everyday use.

Best for Durability and Travel
All luxury Louis Vuitton bags are built to last, but some leather is better suited to withstand the rigors of daily service. Louis Vuitton Taiga leather is soft, yet unusually strong—subtly grained calfskin that is well suited for functional travel bags and men’s accessories.

Resilient Louis Vuitton Calfskin leather is a popular “less is more” choice that keeps its shape well. The refined, sleek finish is scuff-resistant, and provides a classic backdrop to any ensemble.

The “It-Factor”
If making a statement with a luxury vintage Louis Vuitton bag, choose a leather finish that is pure dazzle. Louis Vuitton Epi Electric leather is a glossy glam version of the Classic Epi, whereas the Monogram Vernis stuns with an unforgettable brilliance and patent coated sheen.

Elegant Louis Vuitton
For sumptuous sophistication, choose the smooth, buttery texture of Louis Vuitton Embossed Dyed Lambskin, or the silky and elegantly grained calfskin of Veau Cachemire. Both exquisite signature leathers are beauty and refinement personified.

Exotic Louis Vuitton
Naturally stunning, Louis Vuitton Ostrich leather is favored for its chic, quilled aesthetic, softness and superb strength. To capture the true essence of the exotic, look to Louis Vuitton Crocodile or Python leather. Crocodile and python are known for their fascinating visual and tactile character and extreme durability, but must be treated often to preserve surface integrity.

Braswell and Son is a premiere resource for luxury vintage Louis Vuitton handbags. Shop our exclusive selection to experience the transcendent quality of Louis Vuitton leather finishes firsthand.

Luxury Vintage Designer Accessories: A New Story in Style

Savvy collectors of luxury accessories keep a valuable secret—buying vintage.
Savvy collectors of luxury handbags & accessories keep a valuable secret—buying vintage.

The best return on investment in high-end fashion comes from accessories—most notably from well-established, luxury brands such as Chanel, Rolex and Cartier. Vintage accessories or fine jewelry may have originally been bought as a lasting showpiece, or handed down as a family heirloom. Quality vintage pieces are timeless, and were likely lovingly cared for by their previous owner, showing little to no wear as compared to items such as clothing or shoes. Buying vintage versus new not only is a wise use of funds, but offers the opportunity to add classically styled, rare or no longer in production limited edition pieces to your collection.

Aside from being a better value against the rising prices of new, what makes vintage designer accessories special? The moment a new gemstone ring or monogram bag leaves a boutique showroom, it begins to develop a character and voice all its own. And oh, the stories they could tell; a smartly dressed man glances down at his Rolex 1903 Wide Boy inside the hollows of a train station; a young woman dips her hand into her blue Hermes Kelly II handbag to retrieve a number written on a napkin. The item becomes an extension of what is special about the wearer, and carries with it the rich history and experience of those in possession of its utility and beauty. The piece becomes part of the wearer’s story, adding value to their unique personal style, both timeless and relevant.

Braswell and Son carefully chooses their luxury vintage handbags and fine estate jewelry for quality, and every piece is vetted for authenticity. The knowledgeable staff is committed to building lasting relationships with clientele based on respect and mutual appreciation. Schedule a private consultation with Braswell and Son today to view their extensive collection of affordable, fine vintage pieces, flush with character and elegance.

If, for no other reason than to be able to fill your Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag with even MORE iconic treasures, consider investing in vintage, first.