Pawn Advances for Life’s Challenges and Celebrations

pawn advacnce from Braswell and Son

Who, exactly, is your typical pawn advance customer? Friends, family, neighbors—many hard working, good people fall on tough financial times because of a poor business decision, the loss of a job, a health crisis, or a significant life change like divorce. Unexpected financial hardship should not be viewed as a reflection of a person’s character or earning potential. Heck, even Abraham Lincoln, whose face adorns U.S. currency was once penniless after the untimely death of a business partner with whom he owned a general store. If it happened to “honest Abe,” it can happen to anyone.

An estimated 50 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and over 70 million people either choose to forego a traditional bank account or have limited access to retail banks. For those living off the financial grid, pawnbrokers are a safe and regulated economic resource. And let’s be honest, almost everyone finds themselves facing unexpected financial situations at one time or another. By offering small amount, short-term loans, neighborhood pawn shops provide invaluable options that conventional lending institutions simply do not.

Most people don’t realize that a 30-day, $150 pawn loan is less expensive than fees resulting from an overdrawn bank account, a late credit card payment or the cost to reconnect a utility service. Pawn advances don’t require proof of employment, and never affect credit scores. And because you’re borrowing against your own items as collateral, you’re not spending future income.

Pawn advances aren’t only for desperate situations, but can also bring joy and value to life by facilitating a well-deserved gift or fortuitous investment opportunity. Imagine having the chance to surprise your father, an avid comic book collector, with a 1974 vintage The Incredible Hulk comic book (#180) for his 50th birthday! It’s a sweet deal, but you’re short on cash. With a pawn loan, you’ll have the cash you need in a matter of minutes!

The good people of Little Rock have been turning to Braswell & Son Pawnbrokers to help navigate the challenges and celebrations of life for over 100 years. Read about how life got better Because Of Braswell!

Why Shop Second Hand or Pre-Owned?

With so many retail and online shopping opportunities, why should anyone consider shopping second hand or pre-owned?

We love this question, because the answers are what keep our clientele coming back to Braswell and Son, again and again. And, here’s why:

Amazing Customer Service

Most retail and online shopping experiences have become depersonalized. Sometimes, the big box and virtual options just don’t cut it. Our business is based on building personal relationships, and we depend on satisfied, repeat customers for our livelihood. We research trends, and educate ourselves in brand authentication and quality assurance to guarantee an outstanding customer experience.

Great Deals

Pre-owned does not always mean used or abused. Savvy shoppers know paying for a “new” label can cost a pretty penny. Braswell and Son offers an extensive collection of new and pre-owned items at well below retail prices. For the collector, our selection is an undeniable treasure trove of rare and one-of-a-kind vintage luxury finds. Whether you’re looking for an heirloom opal or a pair of sky-high Jimmy Choo heels, you will find deep savings paired with distinction.

Immediate Cash

Let’s be real, unfortunate financial circumstances can happen to anyone. Banks don’t grant small loans for immediate needs or unexpected emergencies. Pawnbrokers fill a niche unsatisfied by big lenders by providing immediate, short-term loans without a credit check or verification of employment. Pawn loans have an 85 percent redemption rate, meaning most people repay their loan amount and keep their item. What’s even better is the same item can be pawned over and over, potentially for a greater loan amount depending on current market value.

Exceptional Variety

Our premium inventory includes a wide selection of the highest quality, new and pre-owned computers, cameras, electronics and musical instruments, as well as art and collectibles. As a preferred reseller of affordable luxury, Braswell and Son represents excellence in fine and estate jewelry, and carries a large selection of designer handbags by Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Coach.

Shopping second hand doesn’t mean shopping second best. Look to Braswell and Son for a first rate shopping and pawn experience, and never pay retail prices again.

Luxury Vintage Designer Accessories: A New Kind of Collateral

Using luxury accessories and handbags as collateral for a loan.
With a global premium accessory market valued at $48 billion, luxury vintage accessories are among the fastest growing asset classes.

Savvy investors know it takes money to make money. As investments, premium luxury accessories like designer handbags and fine watches hold their value and offer the greatest return. With a global premium accessory market valued at $48 billion, luxury vintage accessories are among the fastest growing asset classes. A luxury vintage piece is a highly valued resource, and used as collateral can play an influential role in enriching an investment portfolio. Here’s how:

A sharp, successful businesswoman living in Beverly Hills has an opportunity to invest in a win-win startup company, and needs quick capital to become one of a few founding investors. As a means to raise cash, she takes her authentic, vintage, gold Hermès Birkin bag with palladium hardware—a pre-loved, prized jewel in her collection—to a well-known broker in her area. The broker grants her a short-term cash advance against her vintage collectable piece, and she is able to cash in on her opportunity without delay. She is, in effect, creating wealth by using her own stylish resources.

Long-established, trusted brokers that can quickly identify a luxury vintage piece as genuine can offer more cash up front than other lenders. Loans average $5000, and can climb upwards to $60,000 for rarities in pristine condition, that include original packaging, dust bags, receipts and documents of authentication. Iconic, classic and timeless styles retain the greatest investment value. Luxury vintage designer handbags and collectible watches are popular, with some dealers also handling estate jewelry, fine art, rare stamps and books. The average duration of a short-term loan is 4-6 months, with the option to pay interest and rewrite the loan after the initial term. The biggest risk of this type of venture is default. If the client does not choose to extend the loan, the broker then becomes the new owner of the piece and is free to sell it at full market value.

Making your fashion investments work for you can be the difference between having, and having more. Trust Braswell and Son to secure the highest possible cash advance value for your luxury vintage pieces.

Spring Pawn!

Ahhh spring pawn! This is one of the most exciting times of year to pawn! Gather up those items you want to clean out, bring them to us and see how much they’re worth, and walk out with fresh spring cash in your hands.

One thing people may worry about when they making a pawn appointment is having to pawn out in the open, but you don’t have to worry about that with us! We ensure privacy with our private rooms at all three Braswell & Son locations! Here’s what to expect when you pawn:

How Does A Pawn Loan Work?

The most important thing is to schedule your appointment and then we will smoothly guide you through the rest of the process. So, schedule your spring pawn appointment today and start feeling great for spring!

Beautiful Spring Beginnings

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”
-William Morris

This perfectly sums up how we feel about spring and what it brings…spring cleaning! Something we always look forward to is spring cleaning. It’s a chance to start fresh and get rid of any extra stuff weighing your home down. This year, we want to encourage you to do something with those items you will likely never use.

Bring them to us! It’s a small step toward something better for you! We will take your items and give you CASH for them. And, even better, we have a selection of incredible pieces that might be exactly what you’re looking for to start this new season. So, gather all of those extra things and bring them to us for cash for something new and beautiful to you.

Pawn: Get Easy Cash for the Holidays

Did this holiday season sneak up on you? No worries! At Braswell & Son, we provide a quick-cash solution to keep you comfortable during the holidays. There’s no need to stress! As a family owned business, we know how important it is to provide for your family, espeically during the holidays.

In addition to jewelry, we accept many high-value items for a cash advance.  More examples:

  • Luxury watches
  • Gold & other precious metals
  • Electronics
  • High-value sports memorabilia

Not sure how pawn works? Here’s what will take place in a private room at any of our 3 Braswell & Son locations.

Pawn With Privacy

At Braswell & Son, we believe that pawning should be a private process. Each of our locations feature private rooms where you can meet with our professionals in confidence.  Our associates will meet with you, explain the pawn process, and give you the best value for your item.  Here’s what a few of our customer had to say about their experience with Braswell & Son:

“Because of Braswell, I am often able to stretch my dollars between pay dates. I am able to get much needed gas and food and the extra dollars from time to time are such a relief!!”- Jamie D.

“Braswell and Sons is always there to help you if you need a loan, are looking to sell gold or looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry or great electronics. They are extremely professional and easy to deal with.” – Karen S.

Ready to pawn? Schedule an appointment today and pawn with privacy at Braswell & Son.

Pawn Your Electronics Today!

Whether you’re looking for new electronics or old, we’ve got exactly what you need.  We strive to provide real value for your money.

Our prices on electronics surprises most of our customers, as the savings are considerable! That phone or tablet that some may have camped out to get could be available two weeks later in our store for half the price.

With a 30 day warranty and a thorough check to make sure each item works and functions properly, along with a price that can’t be beat makes Braswell & Son your go-to for electronics.

Come see us today at any of our 3 locations and find exactly what you’re looking for!

What is Pawn?

We’ve heard the word pawn a million times – but do you actually know what it means? There are several misconceptions that come with pawn because of those pawn shops who don’t respect the industry.

But we’re here to prove you wrong.

At it’s most basic level, pawn is a short term cash advance where a customer can bring in an item of personal property (most of the time jewelry), receive cash for the item, and comes back 30 days later with the cash! It’s that easy.

At Braswell & Son, we are simply focused on meeting the need of our customers while providing a comfortable and private environment.  We aren’t sharks or here to make a profit – we’re here to provide you with a short-term cash advance to help you meet whatever needs you might have. We’re not going to short change you or scare you out of seeking help because we believe in believe in you.

But we’re not the only ones that feel this way! Our customers are the reason we love our business, and we’re thankful for their relationships. Hear what some of our favorite customers have to say about our store:

I was able to pay my bills by pawning my jewelry and I know there being well taken care of ! Braswell and son is the only one I trust with my jewelry. Thanks for taking care of it till I get it out sincerely.
— Jeannette A.

Braswell and Sons is always there to help you if you need a loan, are looking to sell gold or looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry or great electronics. They are extremely professional and easy to deal with.
— Karen S.

Not sure what to think? Come see us at any of our three locations and find out what all the buzz is about!

Understanding the Pawn Process

Many people have no clue what it means to “pawn” an item. We often think of the show Pawn Stars and immediately assume that pawn shops are a place where you go to sell unique, valuable items for extra cash. Although we do purchase items from people, we do so much more.

Most of our pawn customers use our service as a way to get short-term cash advances. They do this by bringing in items they own (rings, gold/silver jewelry, watches, etc.) and letting our team assess the value of those items. Once we know the value, we work out an agreement where we lend the customer money while we keep their item. Assuming they abide by the terms of our agreement (most people do), the customer gets their item back when the cash-advance is paid back per the agreement. This is a very simple process and is much easier than obtaining a loan through a traditional bank or lending institution.

We have put together a video that explains the pawn process. If you need cash and would like to setup a pawn appointment, check out one of our three Central Arkansas locations.