Counterfeit Luxury Vintage: Fantastic Fake or Fabulous Find?

Clues to identifying watches as authentic.

When in the hunt for luxury vintage designer accessories, you can easily get swept away by the excitement of finding a rare piece in pristine condition at a fraction of the cost of an original. Purchasing pre-owned luxury vintage could be risky business, as the investment is only as solid as the authenticity of the item itself. The market is rife with imposters, convincing “superfake” pieces that challenge experts with the addition of cannibalized authentic hardware and counterfeit documents of authenticity. When shopping for luxury vintage, the best advice is to buy from a trusted seller that offers true authentication and a guarantee.

Highly sought after pre-owned foundation pieces, such as designer handbags and watches remain excellent investments. However, buyers should use caution when shopping for prestigious brands, and realize that buying counterfeit means taking from artisan businesses and global revenue, as well as supporting the fashion industry’s black market that often includes child labor and other illegal or unethical practices.

Clues to identify watches as authentic:

  • Brand identifiers, correct spelling, and placement of logo and other design hallmarks
  • Engravings should be sharp and distinct
  • Proper functioning of sub dials
  • Weight, most reproductions weigh significantly less
  • Smooth, sweeping movement of the second hand
  • Freely moving links on metal bands
  • Sound, quality brands are quiet, or silent
Tips on verifying authentic luxury handbags.

Considerations to identify handbags as original:

  • Brand identifiers, correct stamped marks in hardware, and number of digits in authenticity codes, indicating decade of issue or country of origin
  • Details, repeating patterns on flaps or pockets line up perfectly with consistent, even stitching
  • Stitch count, high stitch count helps maintain shape
  • Patina, honeyed look on handles created from oils from the hands
  • Linings, should lay flat and cannot be easily separated from inside of bag
  • Premium materials, quality leather and impeccable finish

Vetting a luxury vintage piece as genuine is a complex and thorough process. Braswell and Son’s sales associates are specially trained to examine and identify ALL features. Invest in authentic—trust in Braswell and Son for rare and original luxury vintage finds.

A Man’s Watch: More Telling than Time

Rolex Luxury Watches
What does a man’s watch reveal about the subtleties of his personality?

A man’s wristwatch has long been celebrated for its blend of design, technology and innovation, but what does a man’s watch reveal about the subtleties of his personality?

The watch is a telling foundation piece, and might hint at his status, lifestyle and character. For instance, a man may choose a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39, with a red grape dial. The model features a case made of 904L stainless steel, a superalloy highly resistant to corrosion and wear. His choice commands respect, and reflects his appreciation for quality and classic style. He is surely even tempered, but not completely predictable as the unexpected pop of color on the dial suggests.

Or, a man may choose an Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph. He has the utmost respect for Swiss timekeeping precision and its ability to capture 1/1000 of a second, and is known for his rugged, adventuring spirit. The only watch to accompany the first lunar landing and every piloted NASA mission since 1965, he identifies with the independent, pioneering nature of mankind.

Another kind of man may choose the Rotonde de Cartier, for its precision and elegance. A curator and collector by nature, this kind of man finds inspiration in finer details such as the beaded palladium crown set with a blue sapphire cabochon, and exposed bezel. He is creative and daring; a dreamer and risk taker who understands time waits for no one.

A true horologist is committed to timeless tradition, and chooses Patek Philippe’s signature Calatrava, the ultimate in prestige timepieces. He has a philosophy of excellence, and celebrates aesthetics and fine craftsmanship. A connoisseur of design, he is refined and disciplined. This man is a passionate storyteller, and is happy to tell you how the love affair with his Patek Philippe began.

Braswell and Son’s exquisite selection of luxury, vintage and collectable watches will help you dress for confidence and style. Schedule a consultation to discover the watch that is a perfect expression of your personality.

A watch does not define a man, but it does hint at the mystery of a man.