Braswell and Son Receives NPA’s Community Outreach Award

Each year the National Pawnbroker Association (NPA) selects one broker to receive its esteemed Community Outreach Award. It may come as no surprise to Braswell and Son’s loyal clientele to learn the company has won the Community Outreach Award!

Braswell & Son president, Douglas Braswell, accepted the distinction at this year’s Pawn Expo in Las Vegas. The Outstanding Community Relations Award is presented to an NPA Pawnbroker or Affiliate who advances the standard and quality of life in their community through public service or volunteerism. So, what does it take for a company to be recognized for outstanding community relations three years running?

Family owned Braswell and Son is far from your average pawnshop. With three locations in central Arkansas and a vibrant online store, the company is redefining the concept of the conventional pawnbroker establishment. Along with offering the very best in affordable vintage luxury, Braswell and Son works to create lasting relationships with every transaction by offering a personal, knowledge-driven shopping experience and meeting the short-term financial needs of their customers.

Community building is the heart of the company, and it all starts with the close-knit and mutually supportive family of employees and extends into the city and its neighborhoods. A percentage of each store’s sales and auction merchandise is donated to support several local charities. Braswell and Son backs local outreach groups including: The CALL of Pulaski County, Faulkner County Boys & Girls Club, Children’s Advocacy Alliance, Exodus Project, Law Enforcement Officer Awards – 20th Judicial District, Pulaski County Sheriff’s Awards Banquet, and others. But it doesn’t stop there—in support of music education, the company donated 20 musical instruments to Little Rock Middle School and gifted a $1000 grant for instrument refurbishment.

With a reputation that speaks for itself, Braswell and Son is a hard working, generous company whose purpose is to build trusted relationships with their clientele and community, as well as provide exceptional merchandise and short-term loans, along with outstanding customer service.

If you’re in the neighborhood, come in and say hello! At Braswell and Son, you’re part of the family.

2014 Braswell & Son Soaring Wings Half Marathon

This year’s Soaring Wings Half Marathon is coming up quickly and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the event! This event allows the Soaring Wings Ranch to continue doing the incredible work they do each day.

Soaring Wings Ranch is a Christ-centered family and home that provides security, love, and hope to children who need a chance, through no fault of their own, for as long as they need.  They do this by meeting each child where they are and challenging them to develop spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

It is even more exciting to know that this race is SOLD OUT! The event will be packed with all types of people from around Arkansas, all willing to help children in our community have a fighting chance.

Will you be there? We’ll be cheering you on!

Thank You!

Braswell & Son Pawnbrokers Voted Best Pawn Shop 2014

We found out we were voted the Best Pawn Shop in Arkansas, as awarded by the Arkansas Times “Best of Arkansas 2014” competition! Thanks to your support and voting, we were awarded this title and are so grateful for your help!

We wouldn’t be where we are today without your help and support.  We are proud to represent such an amazing community of people. Thank you for letting us passionately serve you since 1979.

For all of the “Best of Arkansas 2014” winners, click here!

Our Community

At Braswell & Son, we know that we don’t exist on an island, but in a community. Since the early 50’s, we’ve been doing business in Little Rock, and we’re grateful that we have been part of such an amazing community for so long.

We work with people, getting to know your kids and family and celebrate anniversaries and birthdays with you in some way. We love getting to know you and your family! We value you as our customer and want to provide you a comfortable pawn experience and complete satisfaction. Building a relationship with you is our top priority, because you are an important part of our community.

In addition to getting to know our customers on a personal level, we also recognize that we have an obligation to support the community through charitable donations to local organizations such as Search Ministries, The Call, Hidden Creek, and Soaring Wings. We also participate in events outside of the store by dedicating time and money to community events.

We recognize the importance of the fact that we live and work in thriving communities in Arkansas, and that makes us who we are.

Angela Pointer – Braswell & Son Customer Testimonial

We have the privilege of working with customers such as Angela Pointer on a day-to-day basis.  Seeing satisfied customers such as Ms. Pointer is why we do what we do.  After leaving the military, Ms. Pointer needed a short-term cash advance while waiting for funds to come in.  She came to Braswell & Sons to receive that loan, where she knew you could “come in, get the cash you need, and have ample time to pay it back.”

Now an owner of her own fashion jewelry shop, Ms. Pointer is quite the jewelry enthusiast. She enjoys the great array of different items in our shops, including rings and chains.  She knows that we have “any shape, size, or fashion piece you want.”

We work with each customer to ensure they have a friendly atmosphere and that each and every need is met.  We strive to be efficient and fast, so you have the best and most comfortable pawn experience possible.

It makes us so happy to hear that customers such as the wonderful Ms. Pointer are happy and cared for.

Braswell & Son – Braswell Gives Back

The Braswell family has been in Little Rock doing business since the early ‘50s.  We had a roller skating rink in town for a long time, and a lot of people have known the family because of that.

George Fields, “Mr. Braswell, for the last five years or so, he has been promoting and giving a certain percentage of his total, bottom line each month to charities.”

Douglas Braswell, “Because Little Rock and Central Arkansas have been so good to us, we feel like we should give something back.  We support The Call which is a foster care agency that helps to recruit families to participate in foster care; as well as Hidden Creek Opportunity Center which, again, trains people and helps them get back on their feet after they have had a bad spell.”

George Fields, “He helps people. He goes above and beyond. He sees a need, he tries to fulfill that need. Right now, he’s got Soaring Wings and has other charities that he’s helping with.”

We just feel like there are things that we can do to help the community to further develop and give something back.