Because of Braswell

Below are just of few of the countless testimonials we’ve received from our customers illustrating how Braswell & Son has helped in uncertain financial situations or made a positive impact in their lives.


Because of Braswell & Son, my past Christmas was a whole lot easier. I sometimes struggle with what to get for my adult children. I have a limited amount of money designated for each person and finding something that they really like on my budget is very challenging. This past year Braswell & Son was the answer to my problem. My daughter who is the most beautiful, precious daughter in the world, told me she had been “just looking” at your store and found the PERFECT item she wanted…a really neat red camera just sitting in the case begging her to take her home. We just knew the “camera” was a girl because it was so perfect. She called me and told me how much it was, which case it was in and that she desperately wanted it. I called the store and asked if the lady could pull the camera from the case and hold it until I had a chance to come on my lunch hour to look at it. She did just that. It was perfect. One present down. It was “Christmas in July” and I was able to put it in lay-away. What a deal! I was able to buy this present, the one my most beautiful, precious daughter in the whole wide world wanted. This was my first experience with Braswell & Son, and I have to say it couldn’t have been better. I can promise that it will not be my last purchase from them. In fact, there’s a ring in there that would look great on the hand of the mother of the most beautiful precious daughter in the world. Just saying.

M.D. Little Rock, AR
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