Chanel Handbags: Seamless Style, Summer to Fall

A true renaissance woman of fashion, Coco Chanel redefined the feminine standard of style by influencing design in clothing, jewelry, fragrance, and more notably, handbags. Inspired by 1920’s soldier bags, Chanel liberated women from the traditional hand-carried bag to a practical yet refined hands-free, shoulder design.

As a brand, Chanel continues to gain admirers. Their luxury handbags are some of the finest and best selling among Braswell and Son’s select inventory. Here are three versatile styles that go seamlessly from an elegant summertime dinner date to an easygoing fall weekend away.

Chanel Mini Double Flap
Small yet expressive, it’s hard to keep your eyes off of Chanel’s Mini Double Flap handbag. Available in buttery lambskin, rich caviar or slick patent leather, featuring silver hardware and the classic woven leather chain strap, the Mini Double Flap is big enough to hold essentials and is sure to invite conversation. Offered in an array of colorful and neutral hues, the Mini is a perfect complement to any ensemble, no matter the season.

Chanel Medallion Tote Bag
Perhaps the most versatile bag of its kind, the Chanel Medallion Tote is smart, sophisticated and graciously suited to everyday style. Constructed of supple quilted caviar leather with comfortable rolled handles and secure zipper closure, the Medallion Tote is distinguished by the celebrated CC front panel, gold-tone hardware and medallion charm. The roomy interior and practical lines make this bag a favorite among businesswomen and fashionistas alike.

Chanel Overnighter Weekender Shoulder Bag
The handsome and versatile Chanel Overnighter Weekender Shoulder Bag is where fashion meets function. A multi-use tote featuring woven leather hands-free chain straps and large CC turn lock closure, the Weekender Bag is superbly suited for shopping as well as spending a relaxing day downtown with friends or tucking into a café with a good book. The sleek silhouette, elegant flat quilting and generous interior easily accommodate small electronics and basic overnight necessities.

As sure as summer turns to fall, classic Chanel will see you through the seasons in style. Find your Chanel at Braswell and Son—premium reseller of authentic, vintage luxury Chanel.


Pawn Advances for Life’s Challenges and Celebrations

pawn advacnce from Braswell and Son

Who, exactly, is your typical pawn advance customer? Friends, family, neighbors—many hard working, good people fall on tough financial times because of a poor business decision, the loss of a job, a health crisis, or a significant life change like divorce. Unexpected financial hardship should not be viewed as a reflection of a person’s character or earning potential. Heck, even Abraham Lincoln, whose face adorns U.S. currency was once penniless after the untimely death of a business partner with whom he owned a general store. If it happened to “honest Abe,” it can happen to anyone.

An estimated 50 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and over 70 million people either choose to forego a traditional bank account or have limited access to retail banks. For those living off the financial grid, pawnbrokers are a safe and regulated economic resource. And let’s be honest, almost everyone finds themselves facing unexpected financial situations at one time or another. By offering small amount, short-term loans, neighborhood pawn shops provide invaluable options that conventional lending institutions simply do not.

Most people don’t realize that a 30-day, $150 pawn loan is less expensive than fees resulting from an overdrawn bank account, a late credit card payment or the cost to reconnect a utility service. Pawn advances don’t require proof of employment, and never affect credit scores. And because you’re borrowing against your own items as collateral, you’re not spending future income.

Pawn advances aren’t only for desperate situations, but can also bring joy and value to life by facilitating a well-deserved gift or fortuitous investment opportunity. Imagine having the chance to surprise your father, an avid comic book collector, with a 1974 vintage The Incredible Hulk comic book (#180) for his 50th birthday! It’s a sweet deal, but you’re short on cash. With a pawn loan, you’ll have the cash you need in a matter of minutes!

The good people of Little Rock have been turning to Braswell & Son Pawnbrokers to help navigate the challenges and celebrations of life for over 100 years. Read about how life got better Because Of Braswell!

Vintage Engagement and Wedding Rings: Tradition at its Finest

The first time you laid eyes on the Georgian beauty, you knew. The rich Bordeaux and ivy bouquet of gemstones—garnets, emeralds and seed pearls surrounding a rose cut diamond, all wrapped in an ornate, warm gold setting—you had just met your dream engagement ring.

Rings from the Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Art Deco periods are tradition at its finest, however, choosing an antique design may be a bit of a non-traditional move. While the most popular engagement ring remains the round white diamond solitaire, antique rings are a true celebration of style and craftsmanship for those women who want to express their individuality or admire a certain period in design.

Intricately patterned settings are perfect for showcasing traditional and alternative looks.

Consider yourself lucky to find a piece from Georgian period (1714-1830’s). Showcasing ornate and playful femininity, the intricate Grecian-inspired metalwork designs are valued for their beauty and rarity.

Victorian era (1837-1901) jewelry follows the influential and emotional path of Queen Victoria’s life. Bold by design, Victorian period pieces feature brightly colored stones, Celtic detailing and the introduction of larger diamonds following the opening of South African diamond mines.

Most popular for those in the market for an antique engagement ring style are pieces from the enchanting Art Nouveau era (1890-1915). An expression of creativity and nature, Art Nouveau era rings are recognized for flowing, abstract lines, and the use of brilliantly colored enamel and gemstones.

Edwardian Engagment Ring
Large, luminous colored gemstones, and delicate, lace-inspired metalwork make Edwardian era pieces an intoxicating choice.

Famous for intricate filigree, antique rings from the Edwardian period (1901-1910) are straight out of a fairytale. Large, luminous colored gemstones, and delicate, lace-inspired metalwork make Edwardian era pieces an intoxicating choice.

Eclectic and daring, rings of the Art Deco period (1915-1930) are some of the most sought after pieces among vintage engagement jewelry. Influenced by world travel and emerging social freedom, Art Deco era pieces are celebrated for their geometric design and bold, exotic patterns.

Art Deco Ring
A daring choice, Art Deco era pieces are celebrated for their geometric design and bold, exotic patterns.

Why just shop for an engagement ring when you can invest in a piece of art, rich with history? Your dream engagement ring is waiting to be discovered at Braswell and Son, your premier reseller of authentic, vintage luxury and estate jewelry.