Christmas in July: Shop Early Layaway Pawn!

Christmas In July Layaway Shopping
Make the most of your dollars by shopping our Christmas in July event. Put your items on layaway so they’re ready for the holidays.

What makes a thoughtful gift isn’t usually the price tag. Most people prefer and appreciate gifts that strike an emotional chord. Gifts become reminders of why special relationships are priceless.

As a society we are connected as never before. Yet, we oftentimes struggle to connect on an interpersonal level. The month of December is all about connecting through the act of giving, and is the perfect time to express our thoughtfulness to others. With the suffocating crush of retail, and the mindless ease of online “vanilla” shopping, how do you make the most of your holiday budget and deliver unique gifts that will make a thoughtful impression?

Here’s a tip that will transform the way you give: shop early, and shop layaway pawn! Put just 10% down now, and you’re gifts are ready to go by December.

Thanks to reality television shows like Pawn Stars and the popularity of shopping vintage and pre-owned from sites like eBay, Etsy and Craig’s List, pawn shopping is increasingly being recognized as a favorable and smart option.

Early holiday pawn shopping means no pressure access to an outstanding selection of new and pre-owned electronics, musical instruments, estate jewelry and vintage luxury pieces. Some shops even deal in fine art and rare wine—quite literally, there is something for everyone!

The savings are big! It is estimated that pawnshops offer merchandise at around 70 percent of retail price—and are always open to negotiation! At Braswell and Son, you can purchase items on layaway with 10 percent down, and arrange to pick up your items in December without the burden of a hefty credit card bill.

Short on cash? No problem! Bring in last year’s Christmas gifts or other valuable items such as gold, silver and gemstone jewelry, camera equipment or quality tools for instant cash or to secure a cash advance.

Imagine the look on your father-in-law’s face when instead of the usual gift card he’s presented with an original British One Penny Black postage stamp to fatten his collection!

This year, skip the stress of last minute holiday shopping and actually enjoy the season. Remember, charming and thoughtful gifts are waiting for you right now at Braswell and Son!

The Engagement Ring: A Financial and Emotional Investment

The modern engagement ring isn’t always considered a true investment because of its depreciation after the original sale. However, couples continue to spend outrageous amounts of money on an ornament that is to become the one and only tangible symbol of an emotional commitment. In a fluctuating market based completely on demand, there are several factors to consider guaranteeing the best value for your investment in love.

The value of components, rarity and history determine the worth of an engagement ring. The metal aspect accounts for only 5 to 25 percent of the total value, with yellow and white gold, and platinum being most popular. Platinum is five times more rare and is significantly more durable than gold. It will cost a bit more, but is well worth the investment. Choosing platinum will maximize the value of your ring by resisting wear and ensuring a secure, brilliant setting for your stone of choice.

Opting for an Asscher cut, brilliant oval, or pear shaped like the one pictured here can result in savings at the register.

The center stone is by far the most valuable element in any design, counting for 75 to 95 percent of total worth. Popular carat sizes come with a significant mark up. Staying just shy of common carat sizes will save up to 30 percent. Modern cut, white diamonds have become a bit mundane; instead, think about an orange, pink, green, red or black fancy cut diamond, which are around 1,000 times more rare and expressive.

Other asset worthy rarities to consider are antique, old mine cut and European cut diamonds. Cushion shaped and handcrafted, old mine diamonds are known for their square shape and were popular during the Edwardian and Victorian eras. Round in design, European cut diamonds have deeper proportions and were fashionable during the Edwardian and Art Deco periods.

Materials and workmanship, as well as history and commitment to love are the true measure of a ring’s value. Still, the single best way to invest in an engagement ring is to shop for vintage luxury and estate finds. For specialty pieces that are certain to hold value over time, look to the rich selection of affordable luxury at Braswell and Son.