Designer Handbags: Hidden Cash in Your Closet

Braswell & Son buys designer handbags

She is a reminder of your first, intoxicating trip to Paris. Ah, the soldiered London Plane trees standing at attention against a pale silver and blush sky along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées… It was your “all yellow” phase, when your Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 handbag in Tassil yellow was a sublime mix of sunshine and Audrey Hepburn. But now, to you she seems less sunshine and more Minion—so she sits alone, on the top shelf of the closet, hiding safely in her dust bag…

So, what’s a wise and resourceful woman to do?

How about selling your pre-owned designer handbag to Braswell and Son, because we’re buying! Vintage luxury handbags remain some of the most sought after merchandise on the market. Sell your bag for cash, or trade up to something that better fits your current fashion sensibility and lifestyle.

Not all pawnbrokers are created equal. Braswell and Son is a boutique broker with a passion for high-end accessories. As a preferred dealer in pre-owned and vintage luxury brands, we represent Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermès and Prada, just to name a few. Our professional staff is carefully trained to identify pieces as authentic, as well as provide accurate appraisals so clients can be confident they are receiving fair value for their items.

Ready to sell?

To get the most out of your pre-loved designer bag, you will need to properly prepare it. Remove all of your items and gently clean both inside and outside surfaces, taking care to follow recommendations appropriate for the material. Note that some leathers will naturally develop a “patina” from contact with the skin, adding character and acting as a unique identifier of a genuine piece. Providing receipts, original packaging, dust bags or certificates of authenticity will help you secure the best offer for your bag.

Dealing in vintage luxury designer handbags has been a cornerstone of Braswell and Son’s retail and cash advance business since 1979. We offer professional, discerning service, and guarantee you’ll get the best return on your high-fashion investment. Don’t sell yourself short—maybe you have hidden cash hiding in your closet!


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High Priced Chain Jewelry Stores: Buyer Beware

Chain jewelry stores have been bombarding us with concepts of “love” for years with their suggestive messaging. After all, why bother if he didn’t get it from Jared … and, doesn’t every kiss begin with Kay?

A word of caution: everything that glitters is not always golden.

Popular chain jewelry stores are not all what they promise. Slick advertising and lavish retail space in premium locations are expensive, and force an extreme markup on fine jewelry—as much as 1,000 percent! Chain jewelry stores are known for offering hyped up sales at rock bottom prices. However, the quality of diamonds and gemstones sold by chain stores is generally mediocre to poor, making most pieces unworthy of their price point, even when offered at a deep discount.

Purchasing from a chain jewelry store means paying mightily for overhead and a big name. So, why not consider buying from an established pawnbroker and be guaranteed exceptional quality at a fair price?

There is a misconception that pawnshops don’t offer good prices to the public for their pre-owned jewelry. The reason is that shops buy jewelry based on overall value and rarity of the piece, rather than original retail price. That means a new engagement ring bought for $5,000 retail will fetch only 10 to 20 percent of that cost ($500 to $1000) when sold to a pawnshop. Pawnshops in turn are able to pass along notable savings to their clients by reselling the piece for 30 to 40 percent above actual value ($1500 to $2000)—a massive savings as compared to the 1,000 percent markup typical of buying new from a chain retailer.

Braswell and Son, premium resellers of new and pre-owned fine and vintage luxury jewelry, will ensure you get what you pay for and receive the customer service you deserve. With an on-site graduate gemologist and GIA trained staff, we hand select pieces based on genuine quality and value to offer the very best in affordable elegance. At Braswell and Son, you’ll find our professional guidance, quality selection and great savings to be more than a cut above the typical chain store experience!

Why Shop Second Hand or Pre-Owned?

With so many retail and online shopping opportunities, why should anyone consider shopping second hand or pre-owned?

We love this question, because the answers are what keep our clientele coming back to Braswell and Son, again and again. And, here’s why:

Amazing Customer Service

Most retail and online shopping experiences have become depersonalized. Sometimes, the big box and virtual options just don’t cut it. Our business is based on building personal relationships, and we depend on satisfied, repeat customers for our livelihood. We research trends, and educate ourselves in brand authentication and quality assurance to guarantee an outstanding customer experience.

Great Deals

Pre-owned does not always mean used or abused. Savvy shoppers know paying for a “new” label can cost a pretty penny. Braswell and Son offers an extensive collection of new and pre-owned items at well below retail prices. For the collector, our selection is an undeniable treasure trove of rare and one-of-a-kind vintage luxury finds. Whether you’re looking for an heirloom opal or a pair of sky-high Jimmy Choo heels, you will find deep savings paired with distinction.

Immediate Cash

Let’s be real, unfortunate financial circumstances can happen to anyone. Banks don’t grant small loans for immediate needs or unexpected emergencies. Pawnbrokers fill a niche unsatisfied by big lenders by providing immediate, short-term loans without a credit check or verification of employment. Pawn loans have an 85 percent redemption rate, meaning most people repay their loan amount and keep their item. What’s even better is the same item can be pawned over and over, potentially for a greater loan amount depending on current market value.

Exceptional Variety

Our premium inventory includes a wide selection of the highest quality, new and pre-owned computers, cameras, electronics and musical instruments, as well as art and collectibles. As a preferred reseller of affordable luxury, Braswell and Son represents excellence in fine and estate jewelry, and carries a large selection of designer handbags by Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Coach.

Shopping second hand doesn’t mean shopping second best. Look to Braswell and Son for a first rate shopping and pawn experience, and never pay retail prices again.

May 13th Celebrate The Grand Opening Of Our New Conway Location!

Enjoy food, fun, games and prizes as we celebrate the Grand Opening of our new Conway showroom, now located at 244 Oak Street, next to Ed’s Bakery and Auto Zone. Starting at 11:30am, we’ll be serving hot dogs and drinks. Kids can play on our inflatable bouncy slides, so bring the whole family! Participate in our All Day Diamond Dig for a chance to win a diamond (see details below), or Spin The Prize Wheel for a chance to win Braswell & Son swag, coupons, gift cards and more!

Special thanks goes to our Community Sponsors: Arbest Bank and Sam’s Club

Grand Opening Details

May 13th Beginning at 11:30am
244 Oak Street
Conway, AR 72032
(501) 328-2114
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All Day Diamond Dig

Spend $100 or more and you’ll have the opporunity to dig around our “Diamond Mine” for a chance to find and win a real diamond! (See store associate for details and information.)

Grand Opening Sales

Spend $100 & receive $10 off.
Spend $500 & receive $30 off.
Spend $1000 & receive $60 off.

You’re Invited To Our Trunk Show May 12 & 13th At Our Markham Store

Trunk Show Invite
You’re Invited to our weekend Trunk Show, May 12th & 13th!

Braswell & Son has Mother’s Day covered with a huge jewelry and designer bag show happening just in time. Don’t miss this great opportunity to find the perfect gift for mom at an unbeatable price.

Ask about our Friends and Family Discount: You and a friend can each earn $25 off your purcahse of $250 or more. Exclusions apply. See store for details.

Come shop our large selection of Vintage Louis Vuitton and designer jewelry. May 12-13 at 9101 West Markham in the same shopping plaza with Burlington Coat Factory. Just show us this post on your mobile device when you visit!

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