A Man’s Watch: More Telling than Time

Rolex Luxury Watches
What does a man’s watch reveal about the subtleties of his personality?

A man’s wristwatch has long been celebrated for its blend of design, technology and innovation, but what does a man’s watch reveal about the subtleties of his personality?

The watch is a telling foundation piece, and might hint at his status, lifestyle and character. For instance, a man may choose a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39, with a red grape dial. The model features a case made of 904L stainless steel, a superalloy highly resistant to corrosion and wear. His choice commands respect, and reflects his appreciation for quality and classic style. He is surely even tempered, but not completely predictable as the unexpected pop of color on the dial suggests.

Or, a man may choose an Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph. He has the utmost respect for Swiss timekeeping precision and its ability to capture 1/1000 of a second, and is known for his rugged, adventuring spirit. The only watch to accompany the first lunar landing and every piloted NASA mission since 1965, he identifies with the independent, pioneering nature of mankind.

Another kind of man may choose the Rotonde de Cartier, for its precision and elegance. A curator and collector by nature, this kind of man finds inspiration in finer details such as the beaded palladium crown set with a blue sapphire cabochon, and exposed bezel. He is creative and daring; a dreamer and risk taker who understands time waits for no one.

A true horologist is committed to timeless tradition, and chooses Patek Philippe’s signature Calatrava, the ultimate in prestige timepieces. He has a philosophy of excellence, and celebrates aesthetics and fine craftsmanship. A connoisseur of design, he is refined and disciplined. This man is a passionate storyteller, and is happy to tell you how the love affair with his Patek Philippe began.

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A watch does not define a man, but it does hint at the mystery of a man.

Louis Vuitton Leather Collection: A Guide to Quality and Style

Louis Vuitton Leather Collection: A Guide to Quality and Style
What exactly makes a Louis Vuitton bag shine? The more than a dozen exceptional leathers, and the person carrying the bag, of course!

What exactly makes a Louis Vuitton bag shine? The more than a dozen exceptional leathers, and the person carrying the bag, of course!

Classic Louis Vuitton
For classic Louis Vuitton collectors, Empreinte Monogram leather continues to be a popular choice. With gently embossed calfskin that is both supple and durable, Empreinte is carefully processed to draw up the natural grain of the skin.

Louis Vuitton Classic Epi leather is famous for its exclusive horizontally textured design, and resistance to moisture and wear, making it a handsome and resilient material for everyday use.

Best for Durability and Travel
All luxury Louis Vuitton bags are built to last, but some leather is better suited to withstand the rigors of daily service. Louis Vuitton Taiga leather is soft, yet unusually strong—subtly grained calfskin that is well suited for functional travel bags and men’s accessories.

Resilient Louis Vuitton Calfskin leather is a popular “less is more” choice that keeps its shape well. The refined, sleek finish is scuff-resistant, and provides a classic backdrop to any ensemble.

The “It-Factor”
If making a statement with a luxury vintage Louis Vuitton bag, choose a leather finish that is pure dazzle. Louis Vuitton Epi Electric leather is a glossy glam version of the Classic Epi, whereas the Monogram Vernis stuns with an unforgettable brilliance and patent coated sheen.

Elegant Louis Vuitton
For sumptuous sophistication, choose the smooth, buttery texture of Louis Vuitton Embossed Dyed Lambskin, or the silky and elegantly grained calfskin of Veau Cachemire. Both exquisite signature leathers are beauty and refinement personified.

Exotic Louis Vuitton
Naturally stunning, Louis Vuitton Ostrich leather is favored for its chic, quilled aesthetic, softness and superb strength. To capture the true essence of the exotic, look to Louis Vuitton Crocodile or Python leather. Crocodile and python are known for their fascinating visual and tactile character and extreme durability, but must be treated often to preserve surface integrity.

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Luxury Vintage Designer Accessories: A New Story in Style

Savvy collectors of luxury accessories keep a valuable secret—buying vintage.
Savvy collectors of luxury handbags & accessories keep a valuable secret—buying vintage.

The best return on investment in high-end fashion comes from accessories—most notably from well-established, luxury brands such as Chanel, Rolex and Cartier. Vintage accessories or fine jewelry may have originally been bought as a lasting showpiece, or handed down as a family heirloom. Quality vintage pieces are timeless, and were likely lovingly cared for by their previous owner, showing little to no wear as compared to items such as clothing or shoes. Buying vintage versus new not only is a wise use of funds, but offers the opportunity to add classically styled, rare or no longer in production limited edition pieces to your collection.

Aside from being a better value against the rising prices of new, what makes vintage designer accessories special? The moment a new gemstone ring or monogram bag leaves a boutique showroom, it begins to develop a character and voice all its own. And oh, the stories they could tell; a smartly dressed man glances down at his Rolex 1903 Wide Boy inside the hollows of a train station; a young woman dips her hand into her blue Hermes Kelly II handbag to retrieve a number written on a napkin. The item becomes an extension of what is special about the wearer, and carries with it the rich history and experience of those in possession of its utility and beauty. The piece becomes part of the wearer’s story, adding value to their unique personal style, both timeless and relevant.

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If, for no other reason than to be able to fill your Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag with even MORE iconic treasures, consider investing in vintage, first.