Building Long Term Relationships

It’s not all work in our stores – we love to have fun! Our staff are passionate about coming to work everyday, because they are excited to see new and old friends walking through the doors each day.

Our goal, as a business, is to build long term relationships by meeting your short term needs in a positive atmosphere.

Getting to know you is the best part of our day! Sitting down across the table from you and having a real, respectful and professional interaction helps us get to know you and exactly what you need.  The passion is evident in each of our employees, and we are proud to have such loyal, amazing customers.  We strive to provide a passionate, professional pawn experience to each of our customers.

From anniversaries to birthdays, let us celebrate with you! Come in to any of our three locations today – we would love to meet you!

Integrity – Our Founding Principle

At Braswell & Son, we strive to do the right thing, even when nobody’s watching.

When you come in to pawn an item, you may not know the value of your item.  At this stage, some companies might take advantage of you and offer you much less than your item is actually worth.  As we are founded on integrity, our highly trained staff will exceed your expectations, offering you a fair price for your item.

Putting integrity into action is easy for our staff, as they are here to help you, no matter what the situation.  We aim to provide you the right value for any item you bring in, giving you the most.

2014 Braswell & Son Soaring Wings Half Marathon

This year’s Soaring Wings Half Marathon is coming up quickly and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the event! This event allows the Soaring Wings Ranch to continue doing the incredible work they do each day.

Soaring Wings Ranch is a Christ-centered family and home that provides security, love, and hope to children who need a chance, through no fault of their own, for as long as they need.  They do this by meeting each child where they are and challenging them to develop spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

It is even more exciting to know that this race is SOLD OUT! The event will be packed with all types of people from around Arkansas, all willing to help children in our community have a fighting chance.

Will you be there? We’ll be cheering you on!