Pawn Your Electronics Today!

Whether you’re looking for new electronics or old, we’ve got exactly what you need.  We strive to provide real value for your money.

Our prices on electronics surprises most of our customers, as the savings are considerable! That phone or tablet that some may have camped out to get could be available two weeks later in our store for half the price.

With a 30 day warranty and a thorough check to make sure each item works and functions properly, along with a price that can’t be beat makes Braswell & Son your go-to for electronics.

Come see us today at any of our 3 locations and find exactly what you’re looking for!

Putting Trust Into Practice

When you pawn an item, we understand that you need peace of mind that when you come back for your item, it will be there. When you leave family heirlooms or other items you are emotionally attached to with Braswell & Son, we can be trusted.

We are not only gentle and caring towards your items, but we have operational procedures in place so you know that you can trust us with your items. For example, we use tamper-resistant bags for jewelry and have time lock safes.  These are only a few procedures we use to insure that your items are well taken care of.

Getting a short-term cash advance can be overwhelming, but we want to make you feel at ease.  Take it from one of our customers:

Because of Braswell & Son, I have had the ability to care for my niece and her two children without fear of losing my precious jewelry from my deceased husband. When times are tough, I can feel safe that my jewelry is in good hands and that the employees want to help me not lose these precious memories. I can only care for my family with the aid of Braswell & Son, and I am truly honored to say they are a AAA+ business in my eyes.
— Darla G.

We’re here to help, and we can’t wait to see you!

What is Pawn?

We’ve heard the word pawn a million times – but do you actually know what it means? There are several misconceptions that come with pawn because of those pawn shops who don’t respect the industry.

But we’re here to prove you wrong.

At it’s most basic level, pawn is a short term cash advance where a customer can bring in an item of personal property (most of the time jewelry), receive cash for the item, and comes back 30 days later with the cash! It’s that easy.

At Braswell & Son, we are simply focused on meeting the need of our customers while providing a comfortable and private environment.  We aren’t sharks or here to make a profit – we’re here to provide you with a short-term cash advance to help you meet whatever needs you might have. We’re not going to short change you or scare you out of seeking help because we believe in believe in you.

But we’re not the only ones that feel this way! Our customers are the reason we love our business, and we’re thankful for their relationships. Hear what some of our favorite customers have to say about our store:

I was able to pay my bills by pawning my jewelry and I know there being well taken care of ! Braswell and son is the only one I trust with my jewelry. Thanks for taking care of it till I get it out sincerely.
— Jeannette A.

Braswell and Sons is always there to help you if you need a loan, are looking to sell gold or looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry or great electronics. They are extremely professional and easy to deal with.
— Karen S.

Not sure what to think? Come see us at any of our three locations and find out what all the buzz is about!

Respect – It’s More Than Just a Word

Respect isn’t just something we talk about – it’s a pillar of our business. We strongly believe in the golden rule, and we treat  our customers the way we would like to be treated if we were in the same circumstance.

We get it.  Things happen, life gets in the way, and most situations are out of your control.  Which is where respect comes into play.  We believe in providing our customers with more than just a short-term loan – we provide an understand ear and a private place to do business.

Being in a tough spot is hard, stressful, and trying, but at Braswell & Son, we are ready to help meet your needs with an attitude of respect and a professional manner.  Building relationships with our customers is our favorite part of this business, and we can’t wait to meet you, no matter what situation you’re in.  Check out what one of our Facebook fans said about us:

I have never been to Braswell and Son. I saw the post on Facebook and thought I’d read a few comments. Honestly figured I’d hear a lot of people complain because of a bad experience which is generally what happens. However I was pleasantly surprised at the responses people gave. I will be visiting your store now due to the amount of respect your established customers seem to have for you. I can’t wait to start some new memories you all at Braswell and Son. See you soon.

— Kimmie R.