Our Community

At Braswell & Son, we know that we don’t exist on an island, but in a community. Since the early 50’s, we’ve been doing business in Little Rock, and we’re grateful that we have been part of such an amazing community for so long.

We work with people, getting to know your kids and family and celebrate anniversaries and birthdays with you in some way. We love getting to know you and your family! We value you as our customer and want to provide you a comfortable pawn experience and complete satisfaction. Building a relationship with you is our top priority, because you are an important part of our community.

In addition to getting to know our customers on a personal level, we also recognize that we have an obligation to support the community through charitable donations to local organizations such as Search Ministries, The Call, Hidden Creek, and Soaring Wings. We also participate in events outside of the store by dedicating time and money to community events.

We recognize the importance of the fact that we live and work in thriving communities in Arkansas, and that makes us who we are.

Angela Pointer – Braswell & Son Customer Testimonial

We have the privilege of working with customers such as Angela Pointer on a day-to-day basis.  Seeing satisfied customers such as Ms. Pointer is why we do what we do.  After leaving the military, Ms. Pointer needed a short-term cash advance while waiting for funds to come in.  She came to Braswell & Sons to receive that loan, where she knew you could “come in, get the cash you need, and have ample time to pay it back.”

Now an owner of her own fashion jewelry shop, Ms. Pointer is quite the jewelry enthusiast. She enjoys the great array of different items in our shops, including rings and chains.  She knows that we have “any shape, size, or fashion piece you want.”

We work with each customer to ensure they have a friendly atmosphere and that each and every need is met.  We strive to be efficient and fast, so you have the best and most comfortable pawn experience possible.

It makes us so happy to hear that customers such as the wonderful Ms. Pointer are happy and cared for.