Braswell & Son – Braswell Gives Back

The Braswell family has been in Little Rock doing business since the early ‘50s.  We had a roller skating rink in town for a long time, and a lot of people have known the family because of that.

George Fields, “Mr. Braswell, for the last five years or so, he has been promoting and giving a certain percentage of his total, bottom line each month to charities.”

Douglas Braswell, “Because Little Rock and Central Arkansas have been so good to us, we feel like we should give something back.  We support The Call which is a foster care agency that helps to recruit families to participate in foster care; as well as Hidden Creek Opportunity Center which, again, trains people and helps them get back on their feet after they have had a bad spell.”

George Fields, “He helps people. He goes above and beyond. He sees a need, he tries to fulfill that need. Right now, he’s got Soaring Wings and has other charities that he’s helping with.”

We just feel like there are things that we can do to help the community to further develop and give something back.

Braswell & Son – Considerate Approach

Our customers want to have privacy.

When they have a cash need, it’s usually not their best day and they don’t want to share that with anyone, but certainly not in a public setting. For this reason, we provide private rooms for them to come in where they can deal in private.

They don’t have to worry about anyone overhearing what they are doing, or be seen getting a cash advance.  Again, it’s not their best day.

No one wants to have a short-term cash need, but when you do, we have a nice private place to go where you do business in a setting that makes you feel comfortable.

When someone brings in an item to leave with us, like a piece of jewelry, its secured in a time-lock safe that not even our staff has access to outside of business hours.  And during business hours, it’s just limited to the manager.

We go to extreme measures to make sure that everyone’s valuables are well secured and ready when they come back for them.