Pawn – It’s a Relationship Business

“It’s that mutual appreciation that allows us to stay in business.”

-Douglas Braswell

With almost 35 years of experience in the pawn business, Braswell & Son prides itself on the respect we provide for our customers.  We are a family business that keeps you and your family in mind.  Many of the people we do business with at all locations (Conway, Southwest Little Rock, and West Little Rock) have been coming in for short-term cash advancement for a number of years.  We get to know them, their stories, and their families.


Your Experience is Better at Braswell & Son

“Let’s put it this way, in the pawn business, a smile is alway great.”

-George Fields

Many people have a negative association tied to pawn, but the truth is that pawn can be the quick cash solution that you need.  At Braswell & Son, we focus on you, the customer. Everything from our private rooms to our tamper-resistant bags for your items are in place with our customers in mind.  If you are unfamiliar with the pawn process, view our “How It Works” page.

A+ Rating from Arkansas Better Business Bureau

Understanding the Pawn Process

Many people have no clue what it means to “pawn” an item. We often think of the show Pawn Stars and immediately assume that pawn shops are a place where you go to sell unique, valuable items for extra cash. Although we do purchase items from people, we do so much more.

Most of our pawn customers use our service as a way to get short-term cash advances. They do this by bringing in items they own (rings, gold/silver jewelry, watches, etc.) and letting our team assess the value of those items. Once we know the value, we work out an agreement where we lend the customer money while we keep their item. Assuming they abide by the terms of our agreement (most people do), the customer gets their item back when the cash-advance is paid back per the agreement. This is a very simple process and is much easier than obtaining a loan through a traditional bank or lending institution.

We have put together a video that explains the pawn process. If you need cash and would like to setup a pawn appointment, check out one of our three Central Arkansas locations.